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Kawai K-400

The uniquely practical 48" K-400 features a grand-style music rack that places music at eye level and provides a solid surface for sheet music and oversized music books. A New England Style, dual-hinged fallboard adds to its distinctive appeal.

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With a unique design, the 48″ K-400 Professional Upright Piano distinguishes itself from every other upright piano in its class. Its grand-style music rack that is large enough for oversized books and scores (and places music at eye level) is highly-valued by students and professional players alike. The exclusive Kawai Millennium III Upright Action is considered one of the finest upright actions in the world, helping the K-400 upright piano deliver exceptional control, responsiveness and consistency over many years of performance. The solid spruce soundboard is strategically tapered to maximize the K-400’s tone-producing capability. In both style and function, the K-400 upright piano is an instrument that sets itself apart from the rest. The K-400 is part of the K Series Upright Piano lineup.


Kawai K-400 Upright Piano

  • Height: 48” (122 cm)

  • Width: 59” (149 cm)

  • Depth: 24” (61 cm)

  • Weight: 507 lbs (230 kg)

Detailed Specifications
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