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Welcome to Hawaii's Largest Piano Store

Join host Nikki Holbrook from KITV4's Island Life on a tour of the Piano Planet showroom and learn more about the 20+ years of serving the Hawaii community. 


Established in July 2001, Piano Planet has set a new standard in the piano industry. President George Nellas brings over 40 years of expertise to Piano Planet, guiding customers through the process to select their own exceptional instrument. Piano Planet initially opened its doors with a limited inventory of new and used pianos. Today, the company has grown – and has since been awarded the designation of being the exclusive home to Steinway & Sons in Hawaii.


Piano Planet boasts not only the Steinway brand - considered the gold standard piano of the world - but Boston and Essex (both brands designed by Steinway) Kawai, Roland, and Yamaha. Offering a variety of acoustic and digital uprights and grand pianos, Piano Planet is easily the number one destination for discerning buyers for all of Hawaii.


You, the Customer, deserve our full attention when it comes to comparing different levels of quality among today’s most famous brands or hearing subtle differences between premium and economically-priced pianos.


At Piano Planet we will share our knowledge on what to look and listen for in an acoustic or digital piano. We call this the “Intelligent Buying Experience”.


For over 20 years we have been successful at providing our customers with “The Intelligent Buying Experience” and only the best in quality products and services. This is the strongest product line up in our industry, all found in one comfortable showroom.  


Upon entering our store, we will greet you in a friendly and professional manner. We listen attentively, asking questions to determine your needs and preferences in order to find the perfect piano for you.


Having a significant number of instruments from different manufacturers all in one place, allows a customer to make meaningful comparisons within similar instrument types (e.g. grand pianos). You will also find that there are many brands to choose from and prices vary greatly.  We encourage our customers to take their time in evaluating their choices to ensure that their decision is a sound one.


 In your search, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a piano: size, style, craftsmanship, finish, price… the list can be quite long. The Intelligent Buying Experience provides an easy-to-understand guide through all these factors.


Custom Koa Spirio

From the beginner to the concert pianist, we cover the entire spectrum of pianos. We look forward to guiding you to the right instrument. Please contact us today to begin your exciting musical journey!


The purchase of a piano is a sizable investment for a family, school or church. For many, this will be the first and only piano they will ever own.


Throughout the life of your piano, you can rely on us and our expert staff of technicians to provide you with the highest quality service. 

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