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Kawai GX-7

At the lofty pinnacle of the GX BLAK Series, the regal GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand speaks with the transcendent character and authority that has made it the definitive choice of professional pianists.


Respected worldwide for its superb tone and responsiveness, it will delight artists and audiences alike in any performance setting.

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grand piano is the extension of a pianist’s personal artistry. To achieve its mission, it must allow the player to communicate an infinite range of musical expression effortlessly, flawlessly, with grace and elegance. This is the musical “calling” of the GX-7 Semi-Concert Grand. It brings together everything the GX BLAK Series has to offer. Superb tone and power. The exceptionally consistent touch made possible by our exclusive Millennium III Grand Action.

Seamless tonal transitions provided by a single, unified bridge design. Longer keys for greater control. Every artistic attribute has been carefully engineered to provide accuracy of tone and touch that allows the performer to communicate the dynamic nuances of musical expression with precision, passion, and ease. Play the GX-7… and experience the epitome of GX BLAK Series excellence.


Kawai GX-7 Grand Piano

  • Length: 7'6" (229 cm)

  • Width: 5'3" (157 cm)

  • Height: 3'4" (102 cm)

  • Weight: 880 lbs. (400 kg)

Detailed Specifications
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