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Kawai EX Concert Grand

In the Shigeru Kawai Research and Development Laboratory in Japan, our renowned Master Piano Artisans patiently craft one of the world’s finest musical instruments—the EX Concert Grand Piano.


Combining our time-tested methods of origin with today's most sophisticated piano design tools, each EX Concert Piano is conceived as a “next step” in the evolving art of the piano.

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The Kawai EX Concert Grand is one of the world’s finest pianos. It has performed brilliantly on the concert stage for decades as a preferred choice of pianists at international piano competitions worldwide. Possessing the formidable power to “sing” above the orchestra, it can also whisper delicately with ease through the softest pianissimo passage. But beyond its superb technical prowess, the most valued attribute of the EX Concert Grand Piano is its preternatural ability to create wondrous “art” at the hands of the artist.

The scarcity of materials used and the painstaking attention devoted to each EX Concert Piano make these instruments rare indeed. Fewer than twenty are crafted each year for all the world. But to truly understand the EX is to play it. Only then, in its transcendent tone and incomparable touch, will you fully sense the passion, the devotion… the spirit of Kawai.


Kawai EX Concert Grand Piano

  • Length: 9'0" (276 cm)

  • Width: 63" (158 cm)

  • Height: 40" (102 cm)

  • Weight: 1103 lbs. (500 kg)

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