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Kawai 907

The 907 Designer Studio Pianos offer the discerning pianist the best of both worlds... magnificent styling and extraordinary performance. With regal designs and graceful nuances, they are true objets d'art that add a wealth of beauty and style to any home.

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Kawai selects only the finest woods for the striking cabinets of the 907 Upright Piano Designer Series. Premium grade Mahogany and Cherry provide the essential character of the distinctive case designs. Burl Ash and Sapeli Mahogany are added to offer plush contrast as decorative inlays. Finely sculptured legs are custom crafted to further convey the stylistic theme of each model. The elegant ornamentation on each lower panel and the “grand style” fallboard (evoking the feeling of a much larger piano) bring the designer’s art to completion.


Yet, beneath each exquisite exterior resides a superb musical instrument that will provide generations of artistic enjoyment. A taller 46-1/2″ scale design provides an unusually large soundboard area (2,062 sq. in.) that combines with a premium solid spruce soundboard and exceptional hammers to give voice to its resonant tone. Our exclusive Millennium III Upright Action promises exceptionally consistent touch and feel.

With an extraordinary synergy of tone, touch and beauty, the 907 Designer Upright Pianos are certain to provide a superlative musical experience.

Kawai 907 Upright Piano

  • Height: 46 1/2" (117cm)

  • Width: 59" (152cm)

  • Depth: 27" (68cm)

  • Weight: 552 lbs. (250 kg)

Detailed Specifications

  • Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber

  • Exceptionally Large Soundboard Area

  • Longer Keysticks

  • Exotic Wood Inlays

  • Designer Music Rack

  • Grand Style Fallboard

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