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Kawai 607

The 607 Designer Console Pianos offer the discerning pianist superb craftsmanship, exceptional tone and the world's most precise piano action in elegant cabinet styles that will grace any home environment. Experience the 607 Series pianos and see why they are considered an ideal blend of beauty and performance.

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The 607 Series Designer Console Upright Pianos are the product of superb craftsmanship both inside and out. They are, above all, musical instruments of exceptional caliber. A soundboard of select solid spruce and a sturdy back assembly (with five laminated back posts) establish an excellent foundation for superb tone and long-term tuning stability. Our exclusive Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow action, regarded by many as the most precise piano action in the world, provides consistent touch that is unsurpassed.

But one look will convince you that their musical excellence did not come about at the cost of style. With two classic designs, the 607 Series Upright Pianos offers a pleasing selection of beautiful instruments to complement any home or decor. We invite you to experience the 607 Series Designer Console Pianos and see why they are considered an ideal blend of beauty and performance.


Kawai 607 Upright Piano

  • Height: 44 1/2" (113cm)

  • Width: 59" (150cm)

  • Depth: 25" (63.5cm)

  • Weight: 443 lbs. (201 kg)

Detailed Specifications

  • Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action

  • Exclusive ABS Styran Action Parts

  • Solid Spruce Soundboard

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