Model A

Model A

This beautiful 6’ 2” grand has been lovingly and painstakingly restored. The original soundboard has been, sanded, refinished and resealed. The plate has been repainted. New strings, new hammers as well as other new action parts. The pin block is original.


Original ivory key tops have been cleaned and belie their age. The original casters, pedals and flyleaf hinge have been rechromed like new. The inlaid Steinway logo on the fallboard is bas relief compared to the flush inlaid logo of current Steinway pianos. The entire ebony satin finish has been redone in the same hand-rubbed manner as when it was originally applied.


The warmth and colorful nuance of sounds this piano can produce is a tribute to the consummate craftsmanship that is the true measure of a Steinway piano. A player only needs a few moments of playing it to recognize what a remarkable jewel this singular piano is. From the softest pianissimos to the loudest fortissimos, this piano responds to the widest range of touch any player could ask of it.


If you wish to own and would love playing a fine piano, you owe yourself a trip to our showroom. The description you just read pales in comparison to the delightful experience that awaits your visit.


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