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George Nellas, Piano Planet

Buying a piano is a big investment. Most people who make that investment will only purchase one in their lifetime.


George Nellas, president of Piano Planet, translates 35 years of experience into unparalleled customer service by tailoring the buying experience to his customers’ needs. This approach has kept the business growing since it opened in 2001.


What’s the gist of the intelligent buying experience?


As evidenced by big-box stores and online sellers, anyone can sell a product, but it takes a professional to explain the difference between brands, designs, features and pricing. We educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions before making their purchases and we treat everyone the same, regardless of their budget. A happy customer is our ultimate goal.


Aesthetically speaking, how can a piano add to a home’s interior design?


A grand piano adds a sense of status and sophistication to the home. It is not only a complex musical instrument, but a fine furniture piece. In the case of a Steinway, it’s a great investment that often becomes a family heirloom.


What can playing the piano offer a busy professional?


Research shows that the most successful people in our society studied or played a musical instrument. Playing the piano relieves stress, inspires creativity and increases cognitive function and self-esteem. Creativity causes pro-activity and gives birth to new ideas. Anyone can touch the keys of a piano and make their own music, with or without training, so throw away your sheet music and see what happens.


December 30, 2016 Leadershipretail

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