Kawai K-500 Aures

The K-500 AURES delivers one of the finest upright piano playing experience in the market today through its blend of award-winning craftsmanship and ground-breaking technology. Identical to the K-500 K Series professional upright piano, the new K-500 AURES features sound and operation technology found on Kawai’s flagship digital instruments, including a modern LCD touchscreen display and the new Kawai Hybrid Soundboard amplification system.

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Blending award-winning craftsmanship and advanced technology, The K-500 AURES Hybrid delivers the finest in acoustic and digital piano performance. The AURES originates from Kawai’s award-winning K Series Professional upright line of pianos offering many of its top-of-the-line features, including Kawai’s Millennium III upright action, considered the world’s finest upright piano action.

As a premiere digital piano, the AURES comes equipped with a Kawai’s latest and most advanced digital and sound technology, with the addition of the newly developed AURES Hybrid soundboard technology.

Developed in collaboration with Onkyo, Japan’s leading premiere audio manufacturer, the soundboard technology incorporates newly-designed high performance transducer components that allow the K-500 AURES to deliver digital audio through its premium solid spruce soundboard resulting in a rich, powerful, and expansive sound.


Kawai K-500 Aures Hybrid Piano

  • Depth: 24” (61 cm)

  • Width: 59” (149 cm)

  • Height: 48” (122 cm)

  • Weight: 515 lbs (234 kg)

Detailed Specifications
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