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This year, Kawai Pianos celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of its state-of-the-art Ryuyo piano factory. Ryuyo was built by Shigeru Kawai, Kawai’s second president, in 1980 and stands as a testament of his vision of creating a space where all of Kawai’s knowledge could be collected and where the skills of its craftsmen could be passed on to future generations. Ryuyo is not just an ordinary factory, it is the epicenter of Kawai’s research and innovation fueling its quest to build the finest pianos in the world. By integrating generations-old handcrafting techniques and modern production technologies and materials, Shigeru Kawai succeeded in delivering what many consider to be the most advanced piano-building facility in the world.

In the fall of 1955, Koichi Kawai, founder of Kawai Pianos, died suddenly and succeeding him as president was Shigeru Kawai, who at the time was just 33 years old. As Japan’s economy began to improve, Shigeru foresaw rapid growth in the musical instrument industry and understood that to meet the growing demand the company would not be able to rely solely on traditional hand production methods. The future would combine hand-craftsmanship with the finest technology. Therefore, Shigeru began construction on new production facilities. Upon completion of the Ryuyo factory in 1980, Shigeru shared the following words, which are today engraved on a monument at its entrance: “Here I establish the Ryuyo Factory, aiming to build the world’s finest pianos.”

To this day, Ryuyo Piano Factory is seen as the gold standard for piano design, research, and manufacturing. The men and women who work there are experienced, talented, dedicated, and embody the spirit of an exceptional legacy. Join us in celebrating this wondrous place, infused with passion for the piano.

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